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We are currently hiring interpreters.

If you are an experienced interpreter or is interested in becoming part of our professional team, please follow the following steps:

1. Fill out and submit our employment form below.
2. Must be able to interpret the Medical Terminologies list provided
3. Prepare all document requirements listed for a potential interview.

Education Background
Employment History



Documents required for initial interview 

  1. Social Security Card 
  2. Any source of Identification 
  3. Passport/ Green Card/ Birth Certificate

Documents to be obtained after employment is accepted

  1. Vaccine Record - MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, 2 shots), varicella (chicken pox vaccine), Hepatitis B (3 shots). If you received these shots in another country, you can have your health provider draw a blood sample to see if you have immunity already for these vaccines.    
  2. Flu Vaccine - Due asap (only flu reason) 
  3. TB Test - Annual TB tests are mandatory. If you plan to have the TB test done at your doctor's office or another facility, please submit a copy of that document to our office. If you have tested positive for TB, please submit a copy of the card/documentation indicating that you have tested positive.
  4. Drug Screen (10 panel DS) - A one-time drug screening is mandatory. 
  5. Criminal Background Check - Will announce where can get this.


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