Our team of  interpreters is considered the best in the area. Our ultimate goal is to continue to provide our clients with the most accurate verbal interpretation services obtainable. We achieve the highest standards by providing our interpreters with regular training courses and workshops focused on medical, mental, legal, education and business. We abide by the code of ethic for the standard of practice for each area of expertise. Liaison Linguistics' interpreters are experienced and competent. In addition, majority of our interpreters are certified.  We are professional, yet personable to bring you the most effective results along with a pleasant working relationship.

We offer interpretation services in diversified fields:

  1. Hospitals, doctor's offices, counseling, and medical visits.
  2. Court of law, depositions, attorney’s offices, and other legal endeavors.
  3. Schools, parent-teacher's conferences, special concerns for students, IEP meetings, disciplinary hearings, etc…
  4. Testing in cosmetology, nail business, and other testing.
  5. Meetings and/or training sessions in the work place: orientation, benefits, corporate policy, quality, safety, unemployment, etc...
  6. Personal and/or business disputes, insurance, sales contracts, etc…


For request less than 24 hours, or during weekends and holidays, please call (616) 560-8492

(To request for scheduling interpreting services, please fill out and submit form.)


Once submitted, we will acknowledge receipt of the request.

There will be a second email confirming the name of the interpreter.


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